Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Re Legion: An Ocean Refuses No River

"Ego Death is required to merge with God. Buddha, Krishna and Jesus all taught that the ego must be removed in order for God to be revealed. Love is the most potent destroyer of the ego. The anti Christ is the ego. Mysticism is the path of finding the direct experience of God.

There is only one Christ appearing as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna. The second coming of Christ has to do with the discovery of the Christ that is within us all. To love Christ is to become Christ. The supreme wisdom lies at the heart of every being. Spiritual metaphysics is the practice of seeking God within one's self. Inner peace and happiness are the goal of Christian mysticism. The esoteric mysteries are revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Krishna. Every major religion can be connected.

We can call on Jesus, Krishna or Buddha to assist us in our pursuit of enlightenment. Jesus is lord, Krishna is lord and Buddha is lord because they are all emanations of the same Christ Consciousness. The teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are essentially the same. There is no need for the world religions to compete with one another.

Spirituality is like the depths of the ocean while religion is the surface. It is easy to favorably compare Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism if one realizes the unity of all life. Christian quotes can be linked directly to Buddha quotes and Krishna quotes. Jesus Christ taught the path of love as did Krishna and Buddha. The blood of Jesus Christ is love. Spiritual awareness is what is needed for enlightenment. Esoteric Jesus is the hidden or inner path.

Then why do all of the venerated and worshiped figures of religion are taught by its self proclaimed and State sanctioned "wise and holy" men that no one can attain to the likeness or be like the saviors the common folk pay homage and tithe to. The figures are "much too holy for me or you to be equal" to in any way so the clergy people will for a price be the middle men/women for us as vicar or intercessory.

We are suppose to "believe that this cleric can speak for us to a unspecified concept of God because they have gone to a private university that specializes in in-doctrinating these people into their flavor the holy books hermeneutics interpretations. They in turn teach their congregations to submit to government and us rank in file goyum can not ever be like the long dead prophets we are spose to worship as gods, but my yavh---did these men not come from a woman's birth canal, eat, shit, and die as we all have and will?

I say if any man can defecate his pants then so can I

We are taught only the holy shit--- that only "spacial" people or one in a billion every 1000 years can achieve ego death or spiritual freedom from the bondage of illusion. So everyone till Now has stayed in the ranks and done their small part to maintain the lies and hierarchy and keep the wise Priest who preaches "submit" to the Beast no matter what as long as the illusion is maintained and dream kept alive and economy's are strong. The Priest and Theocrocist's in turn keep their retirement funds as the Church/synagogues/Mosque's and Temples are tax exempt as the government approved 501c3 organizations. Now No 501c3 will dare speak out publicly against the beast and loose good marks. The Beast may take their mark away.

Truth is we all are but drops in a ocean of consciousness. All one needs to to do is expand the size of your drop and loose the illusions and lies we have been told to keep us in our assigned seats. Our school is the universe city and all wisdom and understanding is beyond any of our grasps but is flowing in the very currents we live in. Ego death re-legions us with the real and natural and self all who legion them self to exspanding consciousness.

We are one legion and I am one of many.

A River refuses no rain and the ocean refuses no river.


Tim said...

"Ego Death is required to merge with God. Buddha, Krishna and Jesus all taught that the ego must be removed in order for God to be revealed"

"we are all but drops in an ocean"

does this mean that you completely dissappear?

would someone who attacks you with a gun and kills you do you a favor for ridding you of yourself?

is your goal that of eternal sleep? (no one is present there ergo ...... ego-death)

Is God then the abyss or the black sun?

Trade Mark said...

Go to the first posts here to understand the definition of ego.

It seems you are critical before understanding the entry.

You dont understand self. You know yourself only as hearsay. Death is not the answer to social problems or knowing your self.

Thanks for your comments but please grasp the content before hand.

Rage of Reason said...

Yep. I guess the truth is beyond the ability of most to grasp. Not really surprising, because they've been fed with lies since birth and have been poisoned from even before that (in the womb i.e. by their mom's use of medication, drugs and intense emotional states). If some would only make an effort out of imagining what causes the anguish in this world they'd probably end up concluding something similar to what you wrote in this blog entry. But any effort not directly resulting in personal material gain has become a dirty word in this ignorant world. It is the consequence of modern day short term and superficial thinking using all the blabber the media, the churches and science dissipates as a base for reasoning, never quite considering that the convictions of these institutions have actually led to the state this world is currently in. Most systems we use were designed to crash at a certain point in time and we are now close to them. But for most it is less of a hassle to cling to the lies they were raised with than to try to think for themselves, in spite of the fact that everything today seems to be indicating that unprecedented turmoil is impending. In any event your train of thought reflects a different approach; one that may be precious for those who are aware of the fact that we need to change. Drastically. Thank you for creating this blog and sharing your views. Take care.


Trade Mark said...

I like you stuff to chris. Thanks for reading mine. To me its the most important thing to share about illusions or "Maya"

Ego Death is not my brain child and I only re-port it. It took me awhile to get it but then once I did get it i knew I had got it all along but had pre-conceived notions blocking my understanding.

Some will embrace nature and the verticle pathless path and other will stay on the horizontal path and its un-natural numbness. Struggle is too much for most western minds to embrace.