Monday, November 3, 2014

The Book of Love

June 23, 2013

 ---Tell me: Who loving them self will harm others?--- -----------------------------------------------------------------Love is often talked about but rarely seen - Love back words is Evol - I have heard love is this, love is that - Love is a verb a doing word but what do I have to do? - But what is it? I have been told I am loved by many beautiful women in my life time but they are all with other men now loving me so much I dont ever see them LOVE: is it a brand name now, that we are free to take and make it what ever we want or is love something universal we should all grasp if we wanna continue using it? Is love what we are shown on media tV programs and movies romance novels? --------------------------------------------------------------------If I was to love like I want loved - then maybe I can get the love I want for my self - But who will love them self enough to love me like I love myself? I mean dont we first need to know love with our self before we can show it to some one else? -----------------------------------------------------------------Self Sacrifice is suicide - but Loving other like we want loved is healthy - it makes love reciprocate and is not a religious or socialized system of self sacrifice or competition, but a cooperative of love and braking old cycles of dysfunction... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love - Maybe its diff in another part of the globe - maybe love as got mixed up with commerce and social needs rather than a real love - it must have a root, the word love, something so powerful it has lasted till today - deduce love to its base, to its root - Family love bgins at the bossum of Mum and Dad. They define love for us dont they? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------For some folks, love may be dysfunctional relationships they learned at home from parent's  - For others, being beaten up with dramatic tales of when mom was at work and sister and bro beat on each other, only to grow up and beat of their spouses, like they did they siblings - it becoems normal at home what love is, learned from the table cloth - Fighting with sis is ok, but taking this behavior to marriage is an arrestable offense? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Most women ive ever know want a fairy tale love - a Romance novel and thats all great if your a prince with a golden castle - But then they are taught with programs on the TV to treat they non prince, like a Homer Simpson, lazy ass drunk who works low wage job - What woman respects a man who sits in the chair and plays video games? - this original love they had was not a real love, it was a vision of what they can make him into. What man can keep up this illusion they are anything more than an average american that does what average americans do and moms and dads hated each other for it, so why Cant I hate my girl friend for not being a playboy model or a porn star? - -----------------------------------------------------------------------Best to love n lust most, the body of the one u love, eh. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Today I have been single almost six years - Im older, more in tune and observant of human behavior - People today are messed up - we can help them by helping our self ------------------------------------------------------------------------How can they love others before they learn to love them self; and how can we learn to love our self when we have spend out whole life selling out our integrity for mortgage money and car payments? We have lied and manipulated for years to keep up the american images so we can sleep the american dream - We have sacrificed love when we sold out our souls for grocerys and tennis shoes --------------------------------------------------------------------- How can we love our self, so we can love others? We must regain our self, know our self - go through the fire of healing our self - no other way - self respect must be regained and it can be only by regaining out integrity and keeping it at all costs - this will lead to good physical and mental health as well - We must be honest with our self about every thing and be honest with others - lies must be abolished - That dont mean telling people mean stuff, being honest just means dont lie = dont talk if u cant not lie - get back the innocents of youth is true maturity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------For me - I love everyone, but trust is earned though demonstration of mutual respect - I dont trust people cause im spose too - I love and respect every individual, but how can I love a group? Groups are not individuals and in my experiences most all individuals one on one are very kind, honest and caring one on one - But its the groups that are nasty - Seems where you find five men gathered they are plotting the death of a sixth! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I love to love and be loved and i love to trust - I dont want to be loved for what i could some day be - I want to be loved only like I love you. But if you begin the dramas and replays from cycles of family social problems then love has left the room and turned into a ritual sacrifice of respect and breaking of trust gained. I want to be loved again some day by some one who respects me enough to change with me. Everyone wants loved, touched and share a real true love. Not a story book fiction that can only be lived by the wealthy - Im not wealthy, dont wanna be and dont care about money, its been the worst thing in my life for the cause of many un-joyful times. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love is not owning some one or a state lisence to file taxs together - if we love some one = why not allow them to share what we love with others? Who can steal love, it is not even for sale let alone is it a item to be taken to a pawn shop... We need to redefine love in ouy civilization and teach children to love others as we love our self - and teach self love fist 101 kindergarden through university - We can have monogamous relationships or what ever agreement we work out that fits both of us, but you have to know how to love your self, before you can love any one proper - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Im eccentric i spose, not cause I was born that way - being treated badly has made me retreat a bit I do admit - But I am watching for my soul to mate with another - A relation ship that dont sail away - I want love from others but im in good company alone - A real love will love me some day and the word will never need to be spoken for it to be known -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------True love is eternal, but to achieve it we must heal from our war wounds of dysfunction. Society is not perfect and it creates many problems for humans ------------------------ in fact social problems are the only ones we have - We can only correct them all in our own personal life, we cant correct others or society, or sit around and wait for them to be fixed. Love healing and joy starts where it was lost, inside.------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------Who looks for what they lost where it could never be found? You wanna change the world? Start with your self. Then all things will be added we need. Wants are not important. When we was young we were willing to live off love alone, then some how we grow up and sell out love for items off a store shelf and social image. Your Love and self respect will heal the world. Heal me

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